Gentry News

After prayer and singing, we studied in our Sunday school class how when we feel weak and inadequate, depend on God’s strength.  Prayer is one of our most potent weapons in spiritual warefare.

Special song was by quartet of Wendell Deo, Janice Young, Brenda Hampel and Narvil Tetrick.

It was good to see Ramona and Gary Henning back in church after her knee surgery.  She said she found out Gary could cook after all these years.

Saturday, February 10th, 6 pm, Gentry is having a Valentine party so bring games and desserts.

This last week, I attended the funeral in Branson for Maxine Strahan.  She was my neighbor in Kirbyville for over 30 years.

Pastor Comer’s morning message was from John Chapter 14.  What must we do to get to heaven?  Repent of our sins, take up the cross and follow Him.  Jesus is the only way, by his life and blood gives us access to heaven.  He is truth and life.

In our evening service, our special song was by group of Narvil Tetrick, Glenda Miller, Joie Welker,  Janice Young, Wendell Deo and Brenda Hampel.

We had many prayer requests, some I didn’t hear but God did.  When you pray remember them and Robert Nagel, George Young, Jessica Young, Barbara Watkins, Beverly Tetrick, Ramona Henning, Rod Welker, Pastor Comer.

Sunday nights we continue on our motivational gifts profile sheets.  There are seven gifts and we are finding out if we are perceivers, servers, teachers, exhorters, givers, administrators, and compassion.  We have had fun finding out which traits God has given us and our strongest gifts, very interesting.