Friendship News

Church started Sunday morning by singing, Won’t We Have A Good Time Up in Heaven.  Ronnie Epps took over as superintendent.  Prayer by Bro. Raymond Haden.  Sunday school lesson was Pointers for Pastor Timothy, II Timothy 2:1-10 taught by Ronnie Epps.

We sang several songs.  Specials were Hunter Stewart, Lena Ingram, and Elsie Atchison.  Bro. Lyle Wright brought the message.  He read Psalms 27:1.  Then prayed

Dismissed by Bro. Raymond Haden.

Church started Sunday night with prayer by Bro. Ronnie E pps.  We sang several songs.  Specials were by Lena Ingram, Elsie Atchison, Raymond, Naida Haden, the Irwin family sang some songs and Bion Irwin sang a song.  Bro. Bion Irwin brought the message.  Prayer by Bro. Lyle.  He read Genesis 6:8, Jude 1:21, 23.  After a good message we sang a song and were dismissed by Bro. Raymond Haden.