Well hello from our hillside.

Not much to write about. We just don’t hear much news.

This weather is awesome. I can hardly believe this is the last of January and I don’t have a fire in the fireplace.

We had dinner at church today. That’s always good.

Roger took me to Ken’s retirement party at the MoDot shed in Seymour, that was Friday. I met some of the guys that he had worked with that had already retired. There was a large crowd there. I think he’ll miss that group of guys.

Delmas and Liz came by one evening and visited a while. They had brought a load of hay to one of my neighbors.

I guess everybody knows by now that we have another little boy ordered for our hillside. I have a lot of memories of all the little boys that are grown men now. I love all of them. Each one is special in his own way.

Well, Monday morning and we do have a fire in the fireplace this morning.

The old saying is just hang around a while the weather will change.

The boys have gone to Thornfield and I’m just doing laundry and some of those little Monday morning chores.

No news so I’ll sign off for today.

Remember God loves you!