Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello to all of you. As you read this I hope it has warmed up at least a little.  It is still winter, but I can’t help but want warmer weather. I went out to feed the birds and my dogs this morning and my hands got really cold out there. I always think the snow is pretty, but never did like to drive in it and worry about others as they have to go to work on slick roads.

We had a good church service Sunday with several young families and youth in attendance. Our youth sang a special, then Wanda had her class sing. They were led by Evan this time. Wanda is teaching them to take turns leading their special singing. Jon, Deanna and I also sang.

After church I went to Mt. Olive and enjoyed a baby shower for Joe and Melissa Hampton’s new baby boy, Dane. It was well attended and  I think everyone had a great time. We did end up having to rush a little at the end because of the snow getting heavy and people worrying about getting home.

Our church never cancels because of the Super Bowl, but the weather caused us to do just that this year. The church is on the top of a hill and we always worry about people getting out especially when it’s that cold.

As you go through this week, Jon had a request for us to pray for our people and community, first, as we have so many that are sick and in need of pray. Then spread that prayer out to other communities and our country and it’s leaders.

Till next time take care and God bless.