Dogwood Ramblings

I got a phone call this past week from Seymour that people had been asking what happened to this column.  It seems Seymour folk have missed my Ramblings and wanted to know if I am okay.  Well, bless their hearts, I am in recovery mode from the flu, etc. and by golly, it has gone on long enough for sure.

Do you recall the accident on Hwy. 14 some while back where some of the Jennings family received injuries? Now I have heard that Wayne Kerr, Archie’s son-in-law has passed away after a long illness.  I ask you to pray for the family.

The Stilling’s family has added another new grandbaby and they are quite pleased.  This means four new grandbabies if my count is right.

The ice seems to be gone for now.  In spite of the ice, some folk managed to come here and of course, brought love and food as well as Valentine’s greetings to put a smile on my face with balloons and cards and hugs.

I have heard from people in CA and OR that they have had this flu.  I wonder if 2018 will be considered a flu epidemic.  The flu in 1918 caused many a death and I hear many have passed away this year.  So far many nurses, therapists, etc. have been here nearly daily or they call to check on me.  At least my desire of food has returned.    

Do you recall events of the 50’s?  How about how our children had to use what was around them as there weren’t many toys, telephones like they have now, and their imaginations had to kick in?  Did you have a freezer, a non-party phone line, a washing machine with wringers, and don’t forget snow days and bundling youngsters up so they could go outside – only to return in minutes to use the potty.  Schools back then focused on learning and a well earned spanking was just that – no calling authorities.  I survived, my children survived and with a healthy respect for rules, elders, etc.

After watching the dog shows on TV these magnificent animals, regardless of their size, have impressed me.  Especially the breeders and trainers as they go from puppies to the show ring with their dedication.  I am particularly impressed with the Great Danes and so glad I don’t have to feed one.  A good friend has just adopted a Mastiff and that is big enough.

Keep all in your prayers, in this nation and elsewhere.