Dogwood Ramblings

Best I can say for my absence from here is that January was a rough month.  Flu, then a recurrence of flu really knocked me off kilter.  I do hope that you avoided this flu.  In the hospital, then the nursing home was no fun for sure.  I can say that the food was good even though I lost nine pounds and now hope the weight stays off even though everyone tells me I am too skinny and need to put on some weight.

Mostly I stay home and out of crowds but……one can be exposed in medical clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. Prayers, cards, short calls, food have all been welcome.  My sons have been checking on me daily of course and drop in to see how I am doing.  Believe me when I say, getting old isn’t easy and many of you can attest to that.  Of course, dealing with insurance companies, medical places, etc. is a problem.

Enough about me.  I hope to get backup to things soon.