County Line

Debra Reed of Kansas returned home from Danny Bushong’s home on Monday.

Donna Dodson came by here on Monday.

On Tuesday evening my granddaughter Onna called to tell us that Danny had passed away. Those who came here were Diana Davis, Melanie Breeding, Michael Dodson and Donna Dodson. Donna stayed Tuesday and Wednesday nights with me.

Others here on Wednesday were Diana and Butch Davis, Jo Stephens, Lyle Bushong, Corrina Dodson and Chase Dodson.

Leland and Connie Bushong of Illinois came by here on Thursday. Debra and Johnny Reed of Kansas arrived and stayed until late Saturday night. Donna and Diana were also here.

Those here on Friday were Donna, Diana, Jerry Pool, Kay Hutchison, Donnie Strong, Leland and Connie Bushong, Lyle Bushong, Bentley Iott, Emily and Dylan, Lyn and Linda Rogers of Illinois and Rheba Pool.

Rheba Pool took me to get my hair cut and fixed on Friday. Several of us went to Mtn. Grove to the funeral home Friday evening.

Johnny Reed visited Bud and Wilma Hutchison on Friday morning. He later visited his sister Sheila and nephew Brandon Reed and family.

There was a big crowd at Danny’s funeral on Saturday. Those here Saturday evening were Lyn and Linda Rogers, Lyle Bushong, Leland and Connie Bushong, Leonuel and Lynn Bushong and Misty, David, and Donna Dodson, Melanie Breeding and Macee, Michael Dodson and Bryse, Rheba Pool, and Sherry Pool.

Max and Kathy Stephens visited Josh Strong and family on Saturday. They were having a birthday party for Erika. Then they visited John and Jo Stephens.

Quin Breeding played basketball at Hartville Saturday night.

Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna. Leonuel and Lynn Bushong and Misty stayed Saturday night with me and returned home to Illinois on Sunday morning. Lyn and Linda Rogers, Leland and Connie Bushong also returned to Illinois on Sunday morning.

Bryse Dodson spent Sunday night with Peyton Evans.