Bradleyville News

Glad the ice is all gone, for a while at least. I hope it is gone for the rest of the year. That would suit me just fine. I appreciate all the road workers that kept our roads passable during the wintry mess. New Mansion Church and most of the other churches around canceled services.

Just a note that the Bradleyville Church of Christ is having services again in the same building it has been in for years and years. There had been no services there for years and the building had fallen into disrepair, but Duffy and Susan (Combs) Mooney decided that it would be good to bring services back. They and many volunteers put in many hours cleaning and repairing floors and walls, and installing heat and air conditioning and now are holding services there again. Sunday morning services start at 10:00 a.m. and Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. and Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.

I have it on good authority that it is time to go camping at Buck Creek. Every time the sky gets blue and the weather warms up a bit my little grandkids think it is time to go camping! Sounds really good but I think I will wait a few more weeks at least!

The bridge at Kentucky Hollow is finally finished. It opened up just in time for them to close down the bridge over Beaver Creek at Brownbranch for replacement. It will be closed at least until June, that is the word I have heard. There is a drive around beside the bridge over Caney Creek for those coming from the Bradleyville side, or west side, that live or have to drive up the area of State Highway W. If you are planning to go on up 76 highway or are coming from the east, or Ava side towards Brownbranch or beyond, you will have to make some detours.

If you are a person who loves to have bluebirds around, now is the time to start building bluebird nesting boxes. Bluebirds start scouting out nesting places in March so it would be good to have them out by then. I love bluebirds and have several around every year, but don’t have very many birdhouses for them. Every year I plan to make some more but always get busy and forget until it’s past time. One year I kept hearing noises above my kitchen stove in the stove fan that didn’t work, so I started watching and sure enough, a bluebird had built a nest in the exhaust from the stove fan. I let them stay until the babies flew the nest before I closed off the hole they used. I don’t know how they stayed there with the heat from the stove right below the nest. What a good excuse I had, not to use the stove much that spring!

I talked to Paulette Combs a few minutes the other day and she said that Leon and Dot Combs were still in Florida. They spend the winter there and it sounds wonderful. Dot has not been feeling well and I am sure they would appreciate prayers for her health.

I missed it last week but congratulations to Brenten and Kimberly (Easley) Blake on the birth of their son, Coleman Easley Blake on February 5. Coleman weighed in at 7 lbs., 10oz. I know Grandpa David and Grandma Joy will be getting in some good snuggle times.

Condolences to the family of Nola Kallstrom, who passed away last week. I got a little bit acquainted with Nola when my grandson, Jessi was in class with her granddaughter, Christian. She was always very involved and at the kid’s school activities. She was such a sweet lady and I know her family and friends will miss her greatly.

The last home game for the Bradleyville Eagles will be Thursday night, February 15 with Chadwick. The little cheerleaders will be cheering again at that game also. I haven’t heard for sure but traditionally Senior Night is on the last home game also. Don’t miss out on the wonderful season the ball teams are having. We have only been to one or two games this year but it was so great watching them play.

The PeeWee teams are in a tournament at Plainview this week. It’s always fun to watch some PeeWee ball, they put their all into it.

I didn’t get to go down to Robyn Whittaker’s “Treasure Barn” last week, and I missed finding my treasures. I always find something there that I need or just want.

Until next week, stay warm and happy!