Bradleyville News

Hello everyone. Hope everyone stayed safe in the recent snow. It wasn’t much but sure did cause a lot of bad accidents. Church was canceled for the evening because of the snow coming down so hard and fast.

There was a big crowd at Bradleyville’s Homecoming last Friday night. The JV girls and the Varsity girls both had big wins against tough Forsyth teams, and the boy’s Varsity lost by only two points in a hard fought game against Everton. We ended up sitting right beside the band instead of our usual spot across the gym and I can tell you the band sounds just as good up really close as across the gym, only louder. I like the music loud, so that was good.

In between two of the games, the music teacher, Mrs. Sprague, was called down to the floor where Gina Norwine, Bradleyville’s principal and Scott Ewing, Bradleyville’s superintendent, presented her with a statue of a musical note and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in recognition of her being elected President Elect of the MMEA for the next six years.

We sat on the bleachers instead of the blue seats that night so we could get a better view of 4 year old granddaughter Makenna while she was doing cheers. The little cheerleading girls from preschool through 6th grade did a great job with cheers and a dance, led by the high school cheerleaders.

Sophia Meltke was crowned this year’s Homecoming Queen and was escorted by Brady Rogers. It was nice to see all the girls dressed up in their beautiful dresses.

Congratulations to Mike and Sammi Jo Gailey on the birth of their second child, a son, Rhett Glendon. Rhett was born Saturday, February 3 and weighed 5lbs. 13oz. and was 20 inches long. Rhett was a few weeks early but is doing great. I know they will be happy to get Rhett home with big brother Reed. I saw pictures of him on facebook and in our church announcement and he is beautiful, just like big brother.

Congratulations also to Derrick and Serena Ervin on the birth of their first child, a daughter, Ellison Elizabeth on January 31. Ellison weighed 7lbs. 9oz. and was 20 inches long. A nice picture of her in our church announcement shows that she is a beautiful baby girl.

Well, the grandkids have arrived and want to play on the computer and I don’t have any more news I can think of, so if you have news for me, please contact me.

Stay warm and happy.