Bethany Baptist Church

Lola Mayberry and Norma Stillings entertained with some “Sing-a-long” at the Heart of the Ozarks Monday afternoon to help honor the February birthdays. The residents and their family and friends had cake and ice cream all served up by Connie Burris. It was good to see residents singing those old songs.

Terri Hall was hostess for the Nubbin Ridge Homemakers Club at her house, Thursday. The feature of the day was a Show and Tell of some special items that had been handed down from their mothers and grandmothers and some new items that they had made or received recently. The stories that went along with the items made it quite interesting.

The ladies enjoyed their Friday afternoon Bible study and sang “Happy Birthday” to Ruby Corder. They plan to finish the current study on contrasts in the Bible this month and start a study in the Book of Revelation in March.

There was a thin layer of ice on the parking lot at church making it unsafe to walk on, so Sunday school and church services were canceled on Sunday. Hopefully the weather pattern will change so that we can be in church on Sundays. Rain would be good, if the temperatures could stay above freezing.

What is God’s ultimate objective for His children? God’s word makes it clear that after we are saved, God intends for us to become more like His Son. The word of God teaches that this process will not be completed until we are finally free from our sinful bodies and in the presence of Jesus. Though this process will not be finished until we get to Heaven, it should be continuing throughout our natural lives. Because it is a process, it implies several things. It presupposes a desire to grow spiritually. Those who are truly saved should manifest a passion to become more like the Savior. It also requires time.

Spiritual maturity does not happen instantly. For something to grow, it needs nourishment, food, and water. We are to be fed by the word of God. God’s word is of primary importance in our spiritual maturity. This process includes transformation. For Christ to be formed in us, we must be willing to change. This includes parting with the old man that we might become more like the new man in Christ. As we follow the Lord and cooperate with His work in us, we will be becoming more like Him.