Bethany Baptist Church

Nathan Fritz and his son, Andrew, were our guests at church this Sunday. Tina Fritz and the girls stayed at their home in Illinois and were not able to come because of the flu bug. There were a few of our regulars who were out due to having a cold or flu.

Norma Stillings and her grandson, Alan Stillings, went to Ozark, Saturday evening, to celebrate the birthdays of Alan and Tom Stillings. Those attending with Norma, Alan, and Tom were Cliff and Debra Bohnstedt, Joyce Greenwood, and Jodi Stillings. After eating a very good meal at a local restaurant they drove out to see Tom and Joyce’s new home. They have not quite moved in, but had purchased a new living room set and bedroom set that had been brought in. Everything was very nice.

Joe and Linda Wood are expected to be home after finishing a cruise through the Panama Canal. They have been missed, and we are so glad that they are home.

As of this writing the new Sorensen baby has not arrived, but grandma, Darlene, is ready to leave on a moment’s notice.

Nathan and Tina Fritz are on deputation raising support for a work in the Cape Verdi Islands off the west coast of Africa. Nathan has a burden to share the good news of salvation with the people who live on those islands. The official language is Portuguese although each island has its own unique mixture of Portuguese and other languages.

Nation Fritz spoke on faithfulness and stewardship from Isaiah 6:1-12. When Isaiah had a vision of the Lord his reaction was to exclaim, “Woe is me.” When you consider the vastness of the universe and the statement, “He made the stars also,” and that one day we will have to give an account to God for all that we have done with our money and time, then you will have a sense of the seriousness of our sinfulness. The angel of the Lord used a burning coal off the fires to purify Isaiah’s lips. Then Isaiah responded to the question, “whom shall I send,” he said, “Here am I, send me.” Then he was told that he was to continue going for the Lord until there were no more people to go to. He was also told that they would not listen to him, but he was to go anyway. Isaiah continued faithfully for the Lord even rebuking kings for the Lord’s sake.

God has placed us where we are to reach the people where he placed us. Can we say that we have been faithful in using our gifts to reach the people around us? Will we be found faithful when we stand before the holy and righteous, all-knowing God in judgment?