Ava General Baptist Church

Nobody likes this flip-flop weather and it’s getting really old fast. But, we pray for spring and keep on keeping on until it gets here.

We’ve heard some great messages these last couple weeks. Brother Oren and Brother Tim have talked about making changes and making sure that Jesus is enough and doing all we can to keep him first in our lives.  This week Brother Oren’s message was read from II Chronicles 34:1-13.  He tells us of the King Josiah, who rather than following his father’s path of destruction, decided to make a change for the better.  He was made King at only 6 years old but when he came into adulthood he looked back at King David’s path and decided this was the way for him. He wanted to worship the one true God so he destroyed, tore down, and purged the evil that Israel had embraced since his father was king.  He did not want any idols to foreign gods or altars that they used.  He tore down those pagan altars and he crushed the idols to dust. He had the bones of pagan priests burned and went to villages and towns in Israel and purged all things unholy.  After all that, he sent men back to rebuild and repair and make the Temple new again.  He put His Lord first and foremost in his life and in Israel once more. 

Our building project is almost wrapped up.  The building committee met Sunday evening and walked through the sanctuary and it is looking good.   Just a few more touch ups and we will be back in our sanctuary again.  God has been so good to us during this time of remodeling and I just want to say that I am so blessed to belong to such a wonderful family of believers here.   Everyone has been patient, kind and helpful, in whatever has been asked of us.  I know that Bro. Oren and Bro. Tim appreciates that more than we will ever know.  We appreciate all for being such a beacon of light throughout this process and staying the course.  The Lord God is always our priority in all that happens here in His church.

We started our first practice for our Easter Cantata Sunday night. The snow hampered some folks  from getting out, but not to worry as it was just the first time listening to our new music.  It sounds beautiful so we invite everyone who wants to participate to join us Sunday evenings at 5 p.m. to practice.  Don’t be bashful!  We have plenty of books and we are excited that this will be our first Cantata back in our sanctuary.  Please join in!!

The Filled Youth met at Chris and Micca Sims’ to enjoy fellowship, food and the Super Bowl.  The adults met for Sunday night services and fellowship afterwards.

February 14th of course, is Valentine’s Day.  Keep your favorite Valentine in mind that day. On February 19th, Monday morning men’s prayer group will be dismissed due to President’s Day. The office will also be closed that day.  Theta Porter’s 90th birthday party will be held in her honor on Monday, February 26th at Porter’s Cafe, beginning at 10 a.m.  She has requested no gifts but birthday cards would be greatly appreciated.  You can contact Jena Moyer for more information if needed.   I believe we have set our grand re-opening service in the new sanctuary for Sunday, March 25th.    We’ll have more information for you later.

Pray for all the needs out there in our community and in the world around us.  We pray for the family of Kathy Thompson for peace and comfort,  as well as others in our community who have lost someone they love. We pray for Sandi Stagg as she is going through some rough patches in her treatment right now. We keep Maddie Thompson and Linda Leonard lifted up and we pray for cancer research breakthroughs. Pray for Daisy Shull, Alice Brown, Lisa McAllister,  Logan Brown, Freeda Holt and Barbara Harper.  These are just a small portion of people who need us to follow up on prayers daily.

Bro. Oren told us Sunday that we should do right while we can do right. Take time to purge the things that are not of God.  We can then rebuild and rejuvenate our heart to keep Jesus first.    Come worship with us Sunday and get rejuvenated!!  Have a great week and God bless.