Tom Williams came over last Monday and I filled him in about our O.E.S. Meeting which he didn’t get to go to.

I took my news in later and a birthday card and cake to Andrea Shea one day early, then I took some dinner rolls up to the nursing home. I told them it was for Valentine’s Day. They have the flu up there and had the east side closed off. I saw Pinky Zirkle, Sybil Gheer, Margaret Allen and gave the rest of the rolls to others.

Lakota and Tevin came this evening and took me to Springfield to Texas Road House for my birthday and they were celebrating the first time they met one day early. They met on Valentine’s Day. After we ate we went to P.F.I, but got there too late, so we drove to Andy’s for ice cream. Then we came home.

My phone started ringing last Tuesday morning wishing me a Happy Birthday at 6:30, Vernal was first then my two sisters, Mollie McPheeters, Katie Moulders, Sherry Blakey, George and Violet Blakey, Ellis Blakey, Wilma Hutchison, Kelsey Seaborn, James Blakey, Lakota Blakey, Monica Reemes, Mark Weston, Mark Blakey, Chase Blakey, Blythe Blakey and Annie Blakey.

Wednesday I had .1/2 of an inch of rain by noon, Friday I received .4 of an inch more by 9 a.m. and .4-1/2 of an inch by 8 and .1/2 by noon.

Thursday I went to the bank and Wal-Mart. I had some propane gas put in my tank. Mark brought me four dozen eggs Friday and I gave him Bentlee and Maddilynn’s Valentine candy. Ellis Blakey and grandchildren, Alexia and Owen, came by this evening to wait for Michelle to get off from work. I gave Alexia and Owen their Valentine candy.

Vernal and Ellen came down Saturday evening and took me down to Justin and Tara Coonce’s where a birthday party was given for me. Those present were Justin and Tara Coonce, Jett, Haven and Canyon, Brittany Sturgeon and Lincoln, Trae and Kendra Shelton and Finley, Lakota Blakey, James and Kristie Blakey, Verna and Ellen Blakey, Ellis and Michelle Blakey, Alexia and Owen Blakey, Joel and Monica Reemes. Those that didn’t make it because of sickness were Mark and Sherry Blakey, Dustin and Kelsey and family, Chad and Laura Blakey, Chase Blakey and family. Mark Weston was at school and Johnathan and Annie Blakey were out of town.

They had soup and chili for supper then they had a little cake with two candles, 8-0, lit up and they sang Happy Birthday to me. I opened all my birthday cards. Some of us played a game of Farkle and I won. Pictures were taken and then some started leaving. It was after 12 when I got home.

I took Valentine candy to the rest of my great grandchildren.

Sunday, Mt. Tabor Church only had Sunday school and then was dismissed.

Let’s keep our sick folks in our prayers. My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Keep praying for our nation, leaders, men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.