St. Francis Church

Sunday, January 14 was the second Sunday after the Epiphany, which is January 6.  In his sermon Bishop Hartley explained that Epiphany is the Greek word for showing forth or manifesting and on the Christian calendar is a festival commemorating the revealing of Jesus as the Christ to the gentiles.  His divinity was shown to different people in different ways.  First were the shepherds who were told by the angels; it is notable that the first revelation was to humble people, not powerful people.  Next were the Magi or Wise Men who followed the star from the east bringing gifts, gifts which fit the character and mission of Jesus.  Gold represents royalty and authority, incense represents religion, and myrr was a spice used in burial foretelling His death.  The story of the Magi sets the time and place of Christ’s birth.  Next comes Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist, which Jesus did not need but requested to show the human side of His nature.  Then at age twelve He appears in the temple both teaching and learning from the priests.  In the Epiphany season we are assured that God came to Earth in Jesus, and we must recognize our responsibility in following Him.

During prayer time, Bishop Hartley said the birthday prayer for Andy Hartley whose birthday is January 9.  We were scheduled for a dinner and vestry meeting today, but not enough people showed up for vestry because of the snow (thanks to Anna for a ride or I would not have made it) so we just enjoyed a very good lunch of home made soup and cake and postponed the vestry.  Also, January 15 is the fortieth anniversary of the founding of St. Francis so as our recessional hymn we sang the hymn “For Many Years We’ve Been at Prayer” which Bishop Hartley and Kip Smith wrote ten years ago for our thirtieth, and we sing it every year on our anniversary.

In other news,  I did more research on the photo of the telephone company employees which was published in last week’s paper and the date was January 1947.  The Herald for January 16, 1947 has the listing of the people there.  Bob Trowbridge also owned the phone company in Mansfield and some of those present were from there. Those listed were Mr. and Mrs. Merl Sargent, Mr and Mrs. Tommy Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Osborn, Mrs. Lilly Kester, Mrs. Opal Campbell, Miss Glynn Dora Taylor, and Miss Sammye Lee Royce, whose father Ray Royce worked at the Herald.  From Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Bottomley and Miss Iris Rowe, and the Trowbridges.  Bob Trowbridge Jr. told us that his father donated the switchboard from either Ava or Mansfield, he’s not sure which, to the museum at the College of the Ozarks where I assume it still is.

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