Quad Cities

1-3-18. There’s only one thing to say about this area – cold, colder and coldest. Too cold to go outside or any place. I know it’s cold all over. One water tower froze up in Iowa not far from here. I’d never heard of that before. The wind chill has been getting down to minus 45 and hardly any wind at all, but we’re under a wind chill advisory until 9 p.m. today. We had at least three days straight where it didn’t get above zero and then not very much above. Maybe three degrees. So many bad house and apartments fires have happened recently. When the fireman spray the water on the fires it freezes before it gets there. We’ve got several inches of snow on the ground too and supposed to get more Sunday. We’re needing to get out and run errands, but we’ve both got C.O.P.D. and more than one lung doctor has told me if I get pneumonia again I won’t survive and my bones are so thin I’m getting shots for it, so if either of us fell we’d probably freeze before we could get help. Well, I know a lot of elderly people have those problems. I worry about people who have to be out in the cold like this. I know it’s winter, but we’re setting records this year for the coldest ever some days.

I am so thankful for one thing and that’s the sunshine shining bright about every day. It shines in the west windows in the afternoon and really warms the house up. And of course, it’s much more cheerful than clouds.

I made a pot of soup and cornbread one day this week and we sure did enjoy it. The canned soup is never as good to me. I’m needing to go to Wal-Mart and get some of my meds I ordered, but don’t know when. It’s suppose to warm up to the teens on Saturday, so maybe we can go to Anita’s for our Christmas dinner and go get my meds too.

And of course the name I was trying to think of in the movies was Morgan Freeman. Against my better judgment Walt has been going out to start the car every day and so far it has started every day. I watch from the window until he gets back in. I told him if he fell and couldn’t get up he would freeze before help could get here. He gives me orders if that happens for me to stay inside and call 9-1-1-. He doesn’t dress warm enough either. He won’t wear a stocking cap and can’t find his ear muffs. Well I just hope us and everyone else makes it through this cold spell okay. I was concerned about Lisa working in the cold, but she said she worked 16 hours one day and was running the truck with the snow plow on it. It must of been the day it snowed all  day and she said the control room is heated and she can go in there to warm up. I think Joe keeps a check on her too, to make sure she’s okay. I think I heard the mailman in the hallway just outside our door so I will have my mailman (Walt) take this and put it in the box for tomorrow’s mail.

So with that being said, (as they say) I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other, bye bye for now.