Quad Cities

12-28-17. Happy New Year everyone!

It’s warmed up to 22 degrees today and snowing like Christmas. We had a little bit of snow on the ground for Christmas Day, but it was really, really cold. We stayed in where it was warm and enjoyed doing nothing.

Because of my family’s work schedule we have to wait until Jan. 6th to have our dinner and gift exchange. I’m glad because it’s been too cold for us to get out and go somewhere. I hope it warms up by the 6th.

I sure do feel sorry for family members and other people who have to get out in the cold like this.

I exchanged a few Christmas cards with people, but most are cutting back on how many they send because of the price of stamps. I have been too and I miss hearing from all the people I used to hear from this time of year. But I understand. I’ve about cut back to just answering the ones I get. We always get a nice Christmas letter and card from Walt’s niece, Cheryl and her husband, Bill White, who live in Maryville, TN. now. She’s Dee’s daughter. She always sends a card where they’re with each set of grandkids. They’ve got quite a few now. I guess the ones in China signed up to teach for another year. Walt worries about them because they’re so close to North Korea. They’ve sure got some sweet little kids. Two girls and one boy. The oldest girl is named Ava after Ava, Mo.

I watched a movie about two guys who met in the hospital and were going to die so they made a bucket list of the things they wanted to do first. One was Jack Nicholson and I know the other one, but can’t think of his name right now. I get his name mixed up with Danny Glover, but know which is which. Anyway, they were skydiving and jetting around all over the world. I’ve already did a lot of things on my bucket list before I even made it. One of the big ones for me was going to Colorado and panning for gold and finding some. I wish I would of tried longer, but at least I got to do it. I got to visit a lot of places that were in the old western movies, such as, Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming and Cripple Creek, Colorado from the gold rush days. I always wanted to see Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but I think my traveling days are over, so I will just be thankful I got to do and see what all I did. I remember Katherine Day and I used to think we would be in Ava, Mo. all our lives and never get to go anywhere and here she is in Washington State and I’m in Iowa. One thing on my bucket list would be to see her again while we’re both still alive. But I better be satisfied with the time we spent together when we were young.

Well I think I missed the mailman, but I’ll take this on out in case I didn’t and if I did, I will put it in the box for tomorrow and get today’s mail. So I will say, I trust you Jesus, and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other and bye, bye for now.