Mt. Tabor Church

Everyone was very happy to be   back in church, after an absence, due to weather. We hope we have seen the last of the kind that causes roads to be  too dangerous to drive on. We had many prayer requests, for our church families and so many have lost loved ones in the last few weeks. This is a sad time for many families, also, remember each other when you pray. We were glad to see Thomas this morning.

Brother Michael read the entire chapter of 2 Timothy 3, for his message. He emphasized that we are a people of instant gratification, not taking responsibility for our actions, and  for every action, there is a consequence. We pray for Bro. Michael and Tanya to regain their good health and also, for their entire family.

Pat Lansdown is back home after spending several days in the hospital. She has a recurring health issue that flares up on occasion, glad her doctor visit this week was good. They stopped on their way back home, and had lunch with brother, Paul, and found him doing better, good news.

Doug and Jadon Lansdown spent Friday with his parents. Jadon always makes the day brighter, when he visits.

James Elliott came by several times to visit Jewell, the past couple of weeks.

Jewell enjoyed supper with Shaun, LeAnna, MaKayla, Logan and Nora Elliott, one evening.

Visitors the past two weeks with Harold and Kay Hutchison were Dan, Kim, Dylan and Grant Clements.