Little Creek

Happy New Year to the Herald staff and all my reader friends – Thanks much!

I am happy the year end holidays are behind us, but I am thankful then and all year for the birth of baby Jesus.

He is my friend and daily companion. I just do not like the money hoop-la and it is hard to miss the loved ones no longer with us.

I had a good Christmas with my kids and good New Year’s Eve with my sister and family and my kids.

Jean and Jim always host a New Year’s Eve gathering with many friends and family enjoying being together and enjoying the good food and the crazy gift exchange and games and we must not forget the church service from 11 o’clock to 12 culminating with the ringing of the church bell at midnight.

I especially enjoyed New Year’s Eve because my daughter Kim came and spent the day and night with me.

Karen came and visited one day with us.

Visiting with Jim and Jean Frye last week were Jack Brewster, Leon Potter and Roger Evans.

Having dinner with them on Sunday were Norval and Robyn Tetrick, Colton and Kendra Neal with baby Lydia June and also C.J. Stephens.

We had a good day together at the quilting club Wednesday. We missed Colleen Lakey and Jo Delp and Ruth Evans. The quilters concentrated on an old quilt, which I suppose is an heirloom.

My sister repaired it and everyone slowly getting the close quilting required to get it ready for me to hem.

I hemmed on a wedding gift quilt and Robyn knitted wash cloths for dishes. Everyone wants Robyn’s dish cloths.

My ‘brother’ cousin, Jim Turner, came to visit me and couldn’t get me awakened, I guess, because I never knew he was on the place even though he honked the car horn.

Sorry I missed the visit, but thankful he delivered the gift he was bringing me. He put it in Robyn’s car and Jim knows what makes me happy. I will be thinking of him as I enjoy the gift. I appreciate it Jim.

I appreciate Norval for everything he does for me and especially for taking my trash to the pickup site.

I am sorry for the trouble, but I have no other way of getting it taken there except if Robyn is kind enough to drop it off. I appreciate her for all she does for me and I am happy that I can do extra nice things for her. We are very compatible.

Kendra and baby Lydia made an acquaintance appearance at club. Some of us had not seen the baby and she is a week old. She is very pretty and very loved. Colton came also.

I want to say hi to Betty and Lynda and to Sue Hartgraves. Also to my daughter, Kim and family, who gets the Douglas County Herald, and I must not leave out Lois Degase, who is always complimenting me and who never forgets me at Christmas time with a beautiful card.

I will try to get this mailed on time for this weeks paper.