Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. James and I planned on going to some of the local church Christmas programs. He came down with pneumonia and we both have been to the doctor. Plans don’t always pan out.

Junior and Betty Halcomb enjoyed a visit when Daryl Armour and Betty Satterfield came to visit. Betty is a first cousin to Junior. Their families spent a lot of time together when they were kids. It was nice that they came and visited them as the Halcomb’s don’t get out much.

Sybil Harvill enjoyed a visit at different times with her niece and nephew, Donna (Iorg) Dalton and Knail Iorg. And another niece, Phyllis Bloomer and grandchildren stopped by as they went to the Christmas program at Highlonesome Mt. Olive Church.

Saturday Amanda Evans and Keegan visited her parents, John and Connie Siler. The Evans got moved into their home they bought.

Monday Rex and Shirley Halcomb, James and Linda Orick decorated Highlonesome. James and I went to his folks and decorated at Ongo Cemetery.

Sympathy sent to the Rev. Gale Osborn family and Harold Schuenemann.

James will help conduct Gale’s funeral on Thursday. A large crowd attended the service. Deb Whitaker and Boone Hodge did a good job singing. And some of the music was on tape by Green Valley Grass.

Gary and Sandra Harvill had a large crowd of family members in their home on Christmas Day. On Friday James and I stopped by and had a good visit.

We visited Junior and Betty Halcomb and Sybill Harvill.

Christmas Eve services were held at 10 a.m. at Garrison Church. Lisa Ellison sang a special and Melany Stevens sang one. Justin Bertholdie sang two songs. Blayze Payne, Sadee Jones and Molly Bertholdie and Mylea Bertholdie each sang a special accomapanied by Justin on guitar. Zelda Jones read the Christmas story before the pastor, James Orick, brought the message.

John and Connie Siler had supper with Junior and Betty Halcomb Christmas Eve. Connie and John’s family ate Christmas supper together. The grandkids visited Junior and Betty.

Juanita Powell and her Dad, Jerry Nelson, enjoyed their family for Christmas Eve. Joining the family was Deanna Porter and boys.

James’ family met at Amanda and Chad Medley’s Christmas Eve. We did not go due to being sick. James and I both have had a bad round of the bug. James’ brother, called him Christmas Day.

James and I visited Connie Siler Thursday evening, Jan. 4th.

Keith Williams visited his grandma, Sybil Harvill, Thursday evening and Saturday and Sunday.

I talked to our niece, Shelley Parham, in Wichita. It’s cold out there. Kerry’s family met for a Christmas meal and gift exchange.

Sunday, Jan. 6th we heard Nancy (Hull) Nelson passed away. Sympathy to the family.

January 7th we went to church and it started to get slick so we left and boy was it slick. It was an exciting ride and I enjoyed watching the wild life. A turkey had a hard time walking across the road and couldn’t get enough traction to fly. A deer fell on the slick road. Oh what a relief when we got home. Church dismissed that night, several had the flu bug and due to the nasty weather. Several were gathering for services Sunday.

Ronnie Maggard and Jordan Jones visited a while Sunday evening.

Maybe it will fair up so we can finish our gift exchange with family.

They say used clothes are new to you, so you can read old and new news. Old news will be new to you.