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Blessings to everyone this much sunnier and warmer week.  What a delight to have all the snow and bitter cold go away.  It is amazing the little things we can take for granted.  One of them being the moderately temperate winters we normally have.  Most all of our folks are healthy now and over all the illnesses of the holidays. God is good.

We had a wonderful Bible Study yesterday.  The study began in chapter 6 of Revelation with an overview of last month’s study verses 1-2 and the counterfeit white horse (Anti-Christ) not to be confused with the true White horse of the returning King, Jesus Christ in chapter 19.  Satan will seek to counterfeit everything of God to lead the world astray.  We saw how important it was to understand the role that II Thess. 2 and the Hand of God’s Holy Restrainer holding back the Antichrist (The man of lawlessness-iniquity) is and the mystery of iniquity in Ezekiel 8.

Yesterday we stepped back and looked at the overview of the 7 Seals with chapter 6 containing the first 6 seals. We saw how it is the Holy Lamb of God, Jesus Christ opening the Seals and they are announced by God’s angels.  Nothing is hidden from God.  He wants His children to know so we can prepare. Unlike Satan who will never reveal his plan. He wants his workings hidden. The first 4 Seals contain information on the 4 horses of Antichrist and his deluge and wrath against God’s creation, His people, those problematic (non-conformers) to Satan’s plan. The 5th Seal reveals the cries of those who were slain for their love of God.  And how God comforts and draws them into His Rest. The 6th Seal reveals God’s response and wrath upon the Antichrist and his followers.  And in that 6th seal, Isaiah 2:20-22 is fulfilled  “Who can withstand the Great Day of God Almighty on the Throne and the Lamb?” with those followers of the Antichrist crying out for the rocks and mountains to protect them. As unimaginably horrendous as the wrath of Satan’s Antichrist is, it is nothing compared to the omnificent Power and Wrath of God Almighty.  And this time when the Son of God returns He is not coming as a Lamb but as a Lion!  We were reminded of the words of Luke 12:4-5, “Don’t fear he who can kill the body and do no more but fear He who can kill the body and cast you into Hell”, and how Psalm 91: Gives us Our promise of protection, “Anyone dwelling in the secret place of the Most High God…”. Those who follow Him, accept His Son as the Savior of Humanity and renounce their sin and follow Him will be sealed by His Name and untouched when His wrath against the unholy occurs.

There is a break in the seals with chapter 7 as God Seals His Super Remnant (the first fruits) and the Myriads in His Name (the second fruits).  Then the 7th Seal – Silence in Heaven before God unleashes His full wrath against Satan’s workings is in chapter 8.

Next class we will explore chapter 7 the Glorious Sealing of God’s Remnant!

With every passing day and all that is unfolding in the world, we realize what an anchor and lifeline the book of Revelation is.  God’s guidepost directive through Jesus Christ’s Prophecy and how we are witnessing it’s fulfilling in our day. We have been born for such a time as this and we are privileged to serve in it.

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