Dogwood Ramblings

It is difficult to say goodbye, whether it be family or friends when they pass on or move away.  The right words seem to come later and you regret you didn’t use them.  I have two cousins in Southern Minnesota who will soon celebrate their 100th birthdays and I need to send them a card, simple as that may seem.  Pets too are not easy to lose one way or another.

Technology is only as good as the user!  A lady sent an important envelope from another state to Ava and paid the USPS extra postage on Dec. 18th for quick 3-day delivery.  Good thing it had a tracking number for all the good that did.  The envelope finally arrived in Ava on Dec. 29th.  A bit late for Christmas wouldn’t you say?  The Pony Express would have done better!  I filed last spring with the USPS for a minor change in mail delivery, have checked on this several times and always get the same answer that it takes time.  9 or 10 months seems ridiculous.

Phone calls, e-mail, cards and visits have kept me going.  Bless all who remembered me.  It is hoped that you were remembered as well.  Of course, I am still awaiting information from my insurance company and need that information now.  I must not hold my breath on that one.

All the holiday food is now used up and I am so thankful I have a microwave for quick meals, and food in the cupboards and freezer.  Too many don’t have such.  I received some help with things around the house and am always grateful to those who give of their time and talents.

I checked on my “No Call” status and find I am still on that list.  However, these phone calls from legislators, fire brigades, supposed credit card helpers, ad nauseum do not allow for naps or rest periods.  I ask for removal of my phone number and what list they are using.  Of course, no information is given to me.  I don’t buy anything over the Internet or from phone calls.

Here’s hoping 2018 is a good year for you.