County Line

I send my sympathy to all the families of Hazel Fleetwood Moss, Bob Lambert, J.T. Lakey, and Mrs. Dale Hicks.

Donna Dodson came by to get my mail this week.

I received phone calls from my sister Juanita in Illinois and daughter Debra from Kansas.

Get well to Keith Breeding who has the flu.

Donna took me for blood work on Tuesday then for breakfast.

My son, Danny Bushong, has been in Branson hospital with pneumonia. He found out his cancer has spread to his back, shoulders, and both lungs. He is now home recuperating from the pneumonia. His kids have all been there and his uncle Melvin Bushong. I called him while he was in the hospital.

Those visiting David Dodson on Saturday were Melanie Breeding, Megan, Macee, Reece, Mike Dodson and Bryse. It was his birthday. His mom called him on Sunday afternoon.

David and Donna, Mike and Macee all went to Willow Springs to watch Bryse play basketball Saturday evening. Donna and I went Saturday morning for groceries.

Macee Breeding spent Saturday night with David and Donna.

Quin Breeding along with some friends spent Saturday night with Nick Lawler.

Melanie and Donna watched Macee play basketball Saturday morning and Donna watched Bryse coach a team.

The kids missed four days of school because of the snow.