County Line

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Those here for Christmas Day were Danny Bushong, Diana and Butch Davis, Donna and David Dodson, Bentley Iott, Emily and Dylan, Amy and Ronnie Croney, Dalton, Challa, Axle, Dominick, Cedrick and Ashlin, Melanie and Keith Breeding, Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee, Mike Dodson, Chase and Bryse and Sherri Pool.

June Dodson hosted a Christmas Eve get together on Sunday. David and family and Wanda and family all attended. Kathy visited her on Saturday.

Rheba Pool enjoyed her family on Christmas Day.

Jo and John Stephens had Max, Lisa and their families on Christmas Day.

Brittany, Lynnox, Miguel, Tiffany, Garrett, Grant, Issac, Isaiah, Gabi and Adela all visited Debra and Johnnie Reed on Christmas Day.

I talked to Ken Bushong this week to see how he was after his wreck. A deer had run in front of him.

Donna was here on Monday.

Arlene Scott and friend visited Jo and John Stephens on Wednesday.

Donna, Quin, Megan, Macee, Evan Horn and Peyton Evans were here and made cookies on Thursday before Christmas.

Mike Dodson came by Friday and Lisa Hensley visited Jo and John on Friday.

Debra called on Wednesday.

Donna and I went to Springfield on Friday. Danny met us and bought lunch for my birthday. Linda Rogers of Illinois and Mike Strong of Kansas also called me.

Those here on Saturday to celebrate were Donna and David, Keith, Melanie, Quin, Megan and Macee, Mike, Chase and Bryse, Butch and Diana, Amy, Challa, Axle, Ashlin, Bentley, Emily and Dylan, Jo and Lisa. We had snacks and cake and ice cream. I got a card from Debra and my sister Jaunita from Illinois called me. Ella Mae also called me.

I got a nice card from the Herald staff.

Max and Kathy Stephens visited John and Jo on Sunday.

Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna. Quin stayed with Bryse Dodson.

Happy Birthday in January to me the 5th, Lynnox and Butch the 6th, Kathy the 7th, Cedrick the 12th, Dayton the 17th, David the 20th, Emily the 29th and Cody the 30th.