Bradleyville News

Hi everybody! Enjoying the snow? My grandkids sure are. They have all beens sick with a virus that turned into pneumonia so five minutes outside was all they were allowed, but they made the most of the time and threw snow at each other and tried to make a little snowman, but it didn’t stick together well enough for that.

Grandson Emmett had to be taken to the ER last Thursday night and was admitted. As of Monday he was still in the hospital. His oxygen level won’t stay up where it’s supposed to be so he is on oxygen and antibiotics. He is not a good patient. His mom said she could see his grandpa Bob and Grandpa Willie coming out. He just wants to come home. Bless his heart, we all want him to come home too.

I had a nice visit with Charlotte Roberts on the phone the other day. She said she also had spent a few days in the hospital right after Christmas because of pneumonia. This stuff is really bad this year and not anything to mess around with.

Camille Dautrich, art teacher at Bradleyville School, and husband Barry made a trip, a cruise, to Antartica during the Christmas break. She and her husband are world travelers, they go on several trips each year and I love to look at the pictures and hear about her adventures.

So glad the boys that had a wreck in front of Kenton and Lynda Wiggins house last week are okay. It could have been so much worse than it was, but the truck they were in was pretty much demolished, along with a couple of Kenton’s cars that were parked in front of his house.

Haven’t heard much news this week. Let me know if you have any news for the paper. Stay warm and safe.