Ava General Baptist Church

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m not enjoying this new weather, but I guess we can’t have everything. It’s been a challenge to get our regular folks to church these last couple weeks because of snow, ice and cold weather.  We want to assure you that we’d rather you all be safe and sound than try to drive in these conditions.

We had small crowd this past Sunday, but we had a great message from Luke 5:33-39.  How do you like change?  Speaking for myself, change can be scary and maddening!   But, it can be a good thing if we embrace it with a positive attitude.  Jesus came into this world to die for all of us.  His death on the cross, changed the entire world.  We now have a way to confess our sins, ask Jesus for a forgiveness and be changed into a new creature.  Once we have turned away from the old ways, God expects us to act like a new person.  His plan for us is to live a godly life, seek out others who don’t know Him and serve Him by helping others come to know Him.

Remember to pray for everyone you know facing cancer treatments and for cancer research. Pray for Sandi Stagg, Maddie Thompson and Cathy Thompson.  Bro. Oren relayed to us on Sunday that Daisy Shull is very ill right now, so pray for her and her caregivers.  There are still many people in nursing homes and homebound who need prayer.  Also, check on those you know are homebound to make sure they are safe and secure.  Remember our missionaries and service men and women.  Also, pray for our building project and the hands doing the work.  It is looking awesome and it’s really going to be amazing.  Praise God.

Our first quarterly business meeting is on Jan. 17th at 7 p.m.  Our Bible study and FILLED kidz are dismissed. On Jan 28th, we will have fellowship after our evening services.

We hope everyone stays warm this week and I pray we will have better weather ahead.  Let the spirit of God work in us this week.  He has changed us to be people who have a love for others, not judging the person but offering them the true Word as a light and a Hope for true everlasting change for their life.    Invite someone to church and we’ll see you Sunday.  God Bless.