I took my new in last Monday, went by Jean’s Healthway and got groceries at Town and Country.

I had .9 of an inch of rain in my rain gage last Monday from the rain I got on Sunday, .1/2 of an inch from the fog last Tuesday then when I mailed some letters Thursday I had another .1/2 of an inch in my rain gage. This Sunday we have lots of snow, but I don’t know how much.

I had lots of visitors Wednesday, Tara Coonce brought Jett, Haven and Canyon then she went on to work and Lakota Blakey came to spend the day after she left.

Kendra Shelton came later and picked Jett up and took him to school and then when school was out Kendra brought him back to my house so Tara could pick them up when she got off work. Lakota and I enjoyed taking care of little Canyon and Haven.

Mark and Mark Weston came by Thursday on their way to Forsyth, so I gave Mark Weston his Christmas gift from me and Monica, pumpkin bread.

I was sorry to hear about the death of Roxie Heimeyer.

Mt. Tabor Church canceled church Sunday like some of the others, but Michael and Tanya Dixon both have the flu so this will give them a chance to get well faster.

Let’s keep those prayers going for our sick folks.

My prayers and sympathy go out to the Roxie Heimeyer families, Jr. Shull family and all the rest that has lost a loved one.

Let’s keep praying for our nation, leaders, men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.