Where does the time go? Another Christmas has come and gone, and we have much to be thankful for while also thinking of those who must be far from home during this holiday season.

I had family with me for Christmas dinner on Monday. My daughters Karen and Kris brought the dinner, and it was very good – especially Karen’s pumpkin pies. Karen came with her husband Dave and their grandson Keith. The one who came the farthest was my former son-in-law Bill Luebbert, who came from Salina, Kansas. Bill is retired from the North American Phillips Corporation, a lighting company. It was good to have him here, along with Kris and their granddaughter Alexus Owens, who is 10 and a fourth-grader at Gainesville School.

As I write this Monday afternoon, they are all planning to come back for supper, and I’m looking forward to having them join me again. We didn’t exchange gifts, but hope to do that when we all gather again on Dec. 30, hoping that more family members will be able to join us, including my sons.

Chet and Dana Taylor spent Christmas Day in West Plains with his parents.

I’ve appreciated receiving Christmas cards and letters from friends and family. I was late getting started on Christmas cards and still haven’t gotten all of them sent yet, although I did manage to get one mailed to my cousin Wade Crawford in Ramona, California. We’re two cousins who have managed to stay in touch through the years.

I will try to get the rest of my cards sent, but they will most likely be after-Christmas greetings. It’s not the traditional timing, but it will be good to have letters and notes to write during January. My hands get stiff in the cold weather, and writing helps some with the stiffness – as does squeezing a special sponge-like apparatus my daughter Kris, an RN, got for me to help keep my hands working.

My slowing down may have something to do with my age. At 95, I live each day by the serenity prayer: things I can’t change I have to accept.

I hope to have more news next week. Please call me to share any of your family’s holiday news.

And a happy new year to everyone.