Rock Chapel

Upcoming Events:  December 10-next Sunday, Christmas Program during worship services.  Potluck Meal following with no evening services.  The Community is invited!  Jimmie Marler will take a Christmas photo December 17 after services.

Recent prayer requests:  Buck Coffman, Nathan Roth, Phyllis Virtue, David Housley, Helen Dixon, Dana (Glenda Moore’s daughter), Brian Brewer, and Glenda Jones.

Sherry Thompson did a special today.

Preston Jarrett had a birthday.

Bro. Rick bragged on the ladies for having a wonderful Secret Sister Party in the parsonage last night.  He invited everyone to the Christmas Program and Potluck next Sunday.  He teased Ginny about her napkin catching fire on a candle last night, and that she was trying to burn down the parsonage.   

Bro. Rick preached from Mark 5.  Jesus even had mercy on demons.  They asked to go into a herd of swine, and he did that for them.  He hadn’t really thought much about it, but when he did, he realized the Son of God had mercy on demons.  The demons went into 2000 pigs, and they were choked by the sea after they ran into the sea.  The demons drove the pigs crazy.  He said there are a lot of demons today:  drugs, shootings, break up of marriages, etc.  It is like a sin stampede today, driving people crazy who are living in sin.  God is not slack in his promises.  Lives can be changed by asking the Lord to help.  People are not as far gone as they may think they are.  If God gets a hold of a person, the demons can be gone.

Mark your calendar for Christmas and Potluck next Sunday, December 10.  Questions:  Bro. Rick 683-5657/ or 417-250-0918.

Visitors are always welcome.