Quad Cities

12-6-17. Well here I go writing about nothing. The weather is kind of bad because of high winds. The temps have dropped way down too. It was 65 degrees one day then the next day in the twenties and the winds. We’re lucky we don’t have to go anywhere now. I went to get my six month calcium shot or something they’re giving me for my bones. I didn’t see my doctor and everyone there didn’t know anything about it, so they said they will find out more about it and let me know. I had forgotten I had to go to the pharmacy and get it first and then take it to the clinic for the nurse to give it to me. It was the first I had seen that nurse and I don’t remember her name if I even knew it.

Tomorrow the wind is just suppose to just be 20 miles per hour so we plan to get out just here in Tipton so Walt can get a hair cut (well he’s really going to get all of them cut) Then of course we will got to Wal-Mart to stock up on some more things. Maybe haul off some recyclables just down the road a little ways. We’ve got a lot of it saved up. I really don’t like to throw it away if it can be reused for something.

We got a card from Frank Dee and called to tell him and he said he got ours the same day.

I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other and bye, bye for now.