Quad Cities

11-30-17. Hello there: I really meant to get this in on time this week, but the time always slips up on me, same as everything else does.

We’ve been having good weather, only windy. Next week it’s suppose to get down in the twenties for the highs, some days.

We went out yesterday to do some shopping, mostly groceries. We were needing to do that, so we got stocked up pretty good for the cold snap. I have to go to the clinic here in Tipton tomorrow, just to get another calcium shot and get a few more things that I missed yesterday.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday. Anita had to work Thanksgiving Day, so we had it on Saturday at her and Carl’s house. Everyone was there except for Zoie as she was in West Virginia with her Grandpa Terry Bassett. That’s where he’s from and goes back to every Thanksgiving holiday. Zoie went with him last year too. Jacob has a new wife and a three year old step-son and Jacob’s daughter is three now also. His wife wasn’t there yet, but suppose to be there later. For some strange reason I had heartburn really bad for three of four days and didn’t feel like staying long. I had ran out of my heartburn meds and was waiting to get more. Those there included Anita, Carl, Lisa and Joe, Jared and Carrie, Jacob and his daughter and step-son, Walt and yours truly. We had a very good dinner which we were all thankful for. Oh yes, Trevis and Kay were there and he gave thanks before we ate.

As usual we better get this in the mailbox. So, I trust you Jesus, and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other, and bye, bye for now.