I’ll start out with good news. Everyone was glad Roger Swearengin got to come home after spending a long time in the hospital. He still needs prayers.

Gary Williams is facing a long challenge. Remember him also.

Garrison Church will have their Christmas program December 17 at 6:30 p.m. Come join us. Sunday night they put up the nativity scene and Christmas tree.

Sunday we had 44 present. Melany Stevens sang a solo and Lisa Ellison sang two specials. Pastor James Orick was back after we had a two week vacation. It was good to see everyone.

Thanksgiving Day family members gathered for a feast at Steve and Shirley Clarks. Her mom, Sybil Harvill and her brothers, Mick and wife, Deb Harvill, and Gary and wife, Sandra Harvill, and their children and families, Clint, Shelly, Colton and Wyatt Marler, and Casey, Kim, Garrett and Reagan Ewing. Steve’s sister, Cindy Clark was also there and Shirley’s children, Cecellia, her friend, and Charity and Keith Williams.

James and I went to his sister’s house, Christy and husband, Chris Lakey’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Their children – Wendy, Shelby and Hunter Crossland, and Daniel Lakey, his friend, Tracy Guene and Tim Pogue, Wendy’s friend, their cousin, Tony Lakey were all in attendance. Christy and I visited Goldie Lakey a few minutes. Her oven was full so she used Goldie’s. Wendy and Shelby took her a plate for dinner. There was lots of good food.

David and Glenda Halcomb had some of her kids and grandkids for Thanksgiving. David took his parents a plate each full of good food.

I visited Wednesday with Jerry Nelson and Juanita Powell. I took Juanita a flower I had from her mom’s funeral. I think Bud and Frances Hampton bought it. Juanita’s daughter gave it to me and I kept it alive and it needed to be transplanted to another flower pot. I gave her most of it and kept a start from it. I don’t have a good place to keep flowers.

Donna (Iorg) Dalton visited her aunt, Sybil Harvill last week. Her brother, Rex Halcomb, visited her.

James and I visited Gordon Jones recently. His hand is still swollen from a fall he had.

Brad and Amanda Evans and family bought them a home in Ava. Looking at the pictures, it looks nice.

James and I visited John and Connie Siler last week.

Gordon and Zelda Jones had lots of family for Thanksgiving. Their gatherings are getting bigger with grandchildren having families of their own.

Danny Herd has to go to the St. Louis Hospital for tests. Remember him in your prayers.

Jerry Nelson and Juanita Powell had Loetta Nelson, Kiersten Nelson, Wyatt and Connor Applegate, Jerry Powell and friend, Alvie, Gary Harris, Joette Maggard, Ronnie Maggard, Crissie Koletrain for turkey and all the trimmings Thanksgiving Day.

Saturday John and Connie Siler had their family Thanksgiving Dinner. Those attending were their children, Amanda, Brad, Hope, Kaylee, Ariana and  Kegan Evans, Brad, Patty, Adalyn and Amaris Siler, Kaylee’s friend, Dalton Curtis and Daniel Stafford. They had lots of good food served. Amanda and Brad Evans took Junior and Betty Halcomb a plate each. Connie visited Junior and Betty that morning and Betty helped her make the dressing.

James and I recently attended a basketball game at the Chadwick School. Some of the church kids play and our deacon, Scott (Bub) Paynes is the girl’s coach. Chadwick won.

The poor ole’ deers don’t have a change to get calmed down. Bow, two youth hunts, gun season and alternate seasons. Some had good luck and some didn’t. Shirley Halcomb killed a real nice 8 point. It looked like a beef hanging up. We helped them work it up.

Myla Bertoldie got to kill a doe. Her uncle, Bub Payne was with her. And Sunday evening she killed a buck with her Dad, Justin, It had one side of it’s horns gone. She was so proud.

Happy Birthday to my brother, Rex Halcomb, November 19. We visited him and Shirley. That was the day we cut up Shirley’s deer. We took him a birthday gift. He can remember that birthday.

Grandson told his grandpa, for Christmas, “I’m giving you what you really need.” Grandpa: “An hour of computer help each week!”

Happy Holidays sent your way.