After prayer and singing, we studied in Sunday school class, when we put our faith in Jesus, it is not misguided, will not fail us, and while everything else is temporary, His promises are eternal.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Janice Young, Charley Miller and Delores Young.

For the next two Wednesday nights, the 6th and 13th, we will be practicing on the Christmas program at 7 p.m.

We had special songs by Wendell Deo, Faye Allen, Narvil Tetrick, Wanda Casady and Janice Young. Also one by Pastor Comer.

Please remember all the many prayer requests brought before the Lord in our service.

Pastor Comer’s morning message was from John, chapter 10. God knows us by name, knows our thoughts and life. He will lead and it’s up to us to follow Him. He loves us and we need to know His voice and believe Jesus is our shepherd, protector and guide.

In our evening service, we had a special reading by Brenda Hampel.

We continued with our adult motivational gift profile sheets and going over what we filled out. It’s very interesting.