Friendship News

Church started Sunday morning, Dec. 3, 2017, by singing. Ronnie Epps took over as superintendent. Prayer was given by Bro. Raymond Haden.

Sunday school lesson was Pastoral Leadership using I Timothy 1:1-2, 13-20 taught by Ronnie Epps. After a good Sunday school lesson, we sang several songs. Specials by Fern Cooper, Janice Cotrone, Elsie Atchison and Raymond Haden. Bro. Lyle Wright brought the message. He read Ephesians 5:16. He prayed then read Genesis 1:14, Joshua 10:12-13, Eccl. 3:1-17, Joshua 3:12, Matthew 8:29, Mark 13:19-20, 32 and 33, Rev. 10:5-6 and 12:12. After a good message we sang. Prayer was given by Bro. Lyle Wright and Bro. Mitchel Cotrone. We went back to the fellowship room and gave Sister Fern Cooper a surprise birthday dinner. She is 99 years old.

Sunday night services started with prayer by Sister Vera Dixon. We sang several songs. Prayer was given by Sister Sue Wright. Special by Elsie Atchison. Bro. Raymond Haden brought the message. He read Isaiah 30:21, Psalms 40:4. After a good message we sang. We were dismissed by Bro. Lyle Wright.