Dogwood Ramblings

They say to be careful about what you ask for….and asking for a weather change is what we got.  Saturday morning, after dreaming about everything to be white, that is what I woke up to, icy everything and lots of white.  Puppy did not want to stay outside for very long and it seemed prudent to turn the heat up.  By afternoon all the white was gone.

A couple of visitors surely delivered Christmas joy to me.  One hadn’t been to my home in months and the visiting was great….the hugs too.  My sons have also brought joy to me and did multiple chores that are now beyond my ability.  Grand children have called, always so welcome as most are so far away.  Christmas cards have been so welcome.  A good friend once diagnosed with Alzheimer’s has now been given tests showing she is clear of that horrendous debilitating disease and we give thanks to our Maker.  It seems medication she was on was causing her difficulties.

With all the physical changes going on in Ava it is hoped that forward thinking people have taken pictures so the newspaper can refresh our memories from time to time.  The Herald does that on occasion.  Not everyone agrees that changes are necessary and I guess we older folk just have to accept these changes.

It is hoped that everyone had a marvelous and thoughtful Christmas and that all celebrated the birth of the Christ Child.  It is also hoped that the New Year brings good health and good fortune to all.