Dogwood Ramblings

Hello neighbors.  It seems I am in a recovery mode and do thank those kind enough to have prayed for me.  Skin graft seems to be doing its thing and gee….that was a lot of fun! The problem included a  bleeding ambulance run to Springfield, but they tell me the melanoma is all gone.  Doctor appointments are dangerous – we encountered several people in offices, waiting rooms and in the elevator……touching things, coughing, some covering their mouths bare-handed, and apparently having no regard for others seemed to be the norm.  Sick children expose teachers daily as they are sent off to the “babysitters” (teachers).  Consideration for others seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs!

There was a bit of smoke and fire on Dogwood a week or so back, but all turned out okay. Nobody was hurt and nothing important damaged.  Not far from here some folk have been doing some burning, but this is not a good time for that, regardless of ticks and fleas….we need some rain for sure.  The Stillings family has welcomed twin boy grandbabies recently, Ryker and Ripley at 6 and 5 pounds.

As you get ready for Christmas just remember everything must be paid for.  The Boeddeker fellas and a couple of friends have done mowing and gutter cleaning for me, as well as, many other little chores around here including putting up Christmas lights to sparkle on my home.  They repaired the dog house and filled it with cedar wood chips to help keep my “puppy” warm when outside.  They (my sons) are wonderful, helpful elves!

A good friend lost his home to fire down by Squires this week.  How very sad.  No one was injured but his huge dog has disappeared.

Do you know that great feeling when you fall into bed and fall asleep immediately and wake up the next morning refreshed?  No!  Neither do I.