Breedon Church

We sang our opening song. Opening prayer was given by Lee Hampton.

Joe Lafferty read the 98th Psalms to open Sunday school. Our lesson was in the third chapter of II Chronicles. We will have the 7th chapter next Sunday. Sue Thomas asked the blessing on the morning offering.

The congregation sang a few songs. Sue Thomas and their grandchildren sang. Joe Lafferty preached on Luke 12:42 for our morning sermon. Wilma Hampton is still having problems with her knees. We need to pray for each other, so we will get the strength from the Lord to carry on his ministry so souls can be saved.

At least our weather is staying fairly nice with lots of sunshine. I wonder if it will stay that way.

This time of year it could snow or sleet anytime.

We sang the invitational song. Ronnie Thomas dismissed the morning service.

We will not have evening services until March 2018.

God bless.