Bethany Baptist

Several of the Bethany Baptist Church folks, other friends and relatives drove to Springfield, Saturday to attend the memorial service for Norma Stillings son, Donald Stillings, who had died Thanksgiving morning. There were many expressions of concern and support received during the past week that served to help Norma through this loss.

Pete and Anna Goos and their son, Roger, came to Springfield, Saturday also to attend that service. They met with members of the Stillings, Lupton, and Goos families for lunch before the service.

Loyd and JoAnn Hargis of Tacoma, Washington, the parents of Don’s wife, Jodi, came to Ava to visit with Norma, Friday. It was a very thoughtful thing for them to do. They also expressed their love for Don.

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen drove to St. Louis for a Thanksgiving dinner with her parents, Don and Doris Taschner. They interrupted their visit to return to Ava to give their support to Norma.

Norma has been given tremendous support by her grandson, Alan. Her good friends, Jim and Ruby Corder, and sister-in-law, Eva Stillings, came as soon as they heard the news. Then there were calls and visits all through the day and weekend. It’s that kind of support that helps one take the next step.

Pastor Bob Sorensen’s message from Psalm 11, Sunday morning was, “What to do when our world comes crashing in.”    

Don’t run away, but take on the whole armor of God with prayer and stand firm. We cannot stand on our own, but God has promised to be with us in each trial. We do need to stay true to God and be in full agreement with our brethren. Trust in the Lord. Take refuge in Jesus. Accept the hard things. God does right. Continue in reverence and the fear of God and when there appear cracks and breaks in our foundation of faith, set about to re-establish that foundation of faith by picking up the old Bible and reading about the ways that God has worked in the past.

Know that cycles of problems and pressure will come. When that happens, take our eyes off our selves and help someone else. If we have accepted Jesus as our own personal Savior, we know that we have his present help now and always. For he said he would never leave or forsake us.