Last weeks rain: last Monday I had .1/2 of an inch by 8 a.m., Saturday I had 1.3 inches by 8 a.m., then it rained and sleeted another day, but I didn’t measure it in my rain gage.

Last Monday I took my news in then went by Mike and Charlotte Bock’s, Anita Smith’s, and took her a Christmas card and cake. I also stopped at Town and Country and then home to cook and finish my Christmas cakes.

Lakota came up last Tuesday and spent the day with me.

Trampas Posey came by and picked up a card that was in my mailbox. We had a nice little chat.

Wednesday I washed two loads of clothes, plus cut up and iced two cakes. I swept and mopped my kitchen floor too.

Thursday morning Mark brought Violet some eggs and Violet stopped by on her way back home. I picked them up and it was the last eggs anyone will get from Mark because the hens have quit laying.

Kay Hutchison stopped on her way home and picked up her birthday cake and card.

Friday I went to a doctor here in town with my foot. Lakota came up later that day.

Saturday Sandra Barton came and picked up a package that was left on my porch.

Dustin and Kelsey Seaborn, Bentlee and Maddilyn came by with Christmas gifts.

Sunday we did not have church because of the weather. Mark and Sherry came by early that morning.

On Christmas Lakota came up and put my tree up for me. Vernal and Ellen came down later and spent the night with me. We made molasses taffy, but I goofed and it didn’t turn out right. It is more like Tootsie Rolls.

Monday – Happy Christmas everyone. Vernal and Ellen stayed until 10:30 before going home. Lakota Blakey got up here before they left and Monica and Joel Reemes did too. Those coming later were JK and Brittany Sturgeon, Lincoln; Chase Blakey, Blythe and Chesnea; Trae and Kendra Shelton, Finley; Tevin Reid; Ellis and Michelle Blakey. Gifts were passed out then we ate dinner and Johnathan and Annie Blakey, Alexia and Owen came just as we got started eating. We had turkey, ham and all the trimmings that goes with it. Pictures were taken after, before everyone left.

Keep praying for our sick folks. My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Keep praying for our nation, leaders, men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.