One Accord Ministry

Good morning everyone. I pray you have all enjoyed the past week. The fall colors are becoming very pretty. I enjoy seeing the leaves change colors, but not so much the cooler weather. I like it a little cooler, but it sounds like we have some really cool weather coming.

We were blessed to enjoy some good food, praise music and Bible study with GoodHope Ministries on Saturday. We studied ‘The Throne of God And The Holy Lamb’ with a focus on: all of creation praising the Lamb. Read Psalm 148 and notice how everything and everyone will praise God. It states that all his angels, all his hosts, the sun and moon, heavens, starts all creatures will all praise him. In the book of Daniel, chapter 3 it talks about the fiery furnace. These men were cast into the fiery furnace and instead of panicking they praised the Lord. They sang a song which is known as the Prayer of Azariah. It was a good study and looking forward to the next one.

Sunday morning we visited at Faith Rock Church, with pastor Jesse Davidson. Nice friendly group of people here, we enjoy visiting them. Sunday school lesson was “Jesus gives hope for the future.” The key verse was Luke 21:28. All those who follow Jesus have hope for the future. Jesus offers strength for troubling times. His word offers warnings to avoid deceptive individuals. Prophecies of natural and political calamities. Reminders that before Jesus returns, those who serve and follow Jesus will suffer persecution. We must not focus on the things that are to come, but focus on the Lord. He simply tells us to watch and pray.  Sunday mornings message was on ‘Life’. When does life begin? This is a discussion most do not want to have, a question that raises loads of debate, let’s look at scripture and then you decide. This simply states that God cares for every baby from the time of conception. He is actively involved in the creation and development of every human life. God has a plan for each and every one of us. He wants us to live according to His will and plan for our lives. He tells us that we are so much more than just a child. God created each and every one of us. He has a purpose for each of us. We need to follow His plan for our lives. Use your voice for truth.

Sunday afternoon we joined Faith Rock Church at Heart of the Ozarks and sang for the residents. After the singing we visited and prayed with them. It is always such a blessing to visit with them. We look forward to going again. If you are looking for a church go visit with the wonderful folks at Faith Rock Church.

Sunday night we visited with Thornfield House of Prayer. We always come away blessed after having church with them. Pastor Stan Collins is such an amazing man of God. The message on Sunday night was on the ‘Bride and Bridegroom.’ In the Jewish wedding ceremony the groom selects his bride and pays the price for her. Then he goes back to his father’s house to prepare a place for the bride. Once his father tells him to go fetch his bride, he sends some before him to announce that the ‘groom is coming’ with trumpets being blown and shouting. Sound familiar, it should. We have all heard about how Jesus went to prepare a place for us. The church is the bride and He is the bridegroom. He paid the price for his bride with his life. He has now returned to his father’s house to prepare a place for us. The bride is waiting for the groom to come and she has no idea when that will be. Then when the groom comes, he takes her to the bridal chamber. The bride at the bridal chamber gets purified. The old is gone and she is reborn. Her old life is no more. She never has to think about her old life or any of the things that happened in the old life. So what is it that a woman has to do to become a bride? Think about it, all she has to do is say, yes! All we have to do is to say yes to Jesus and we will be the bride he returns for. Hallelujah.

Mark your calendars: Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 2-5 p.m. Join GoodHope Ministries at the Veteran Memorial Association Building (across from the post office) for Prayer and Praise. This is a gathering for all who want to praise God and pray for our community and nation. It is time for Christians to stand up and claim our communities and our nation back for God. You will enjoy the time of praise, hearing a message from the word, and prayer for the needs of our community and nation. Please go out and support this event.

Until next week, stay in prayer and read the word. God bless you all.