Well, it’s good morning from our house to yours.

Not much news around here. Seems like the days are about the same.

I guess we’ll put more wood on the porch before the rains gets here.

We may clean the well house, seems like it gets things put in there that don’t belong.

Roger and Telesia went down to check on the her Dad and Mom after church yesterday. The report was that they’re doing better.

I had a nice visit by phone with Margie Graham one day last week. We need to do that more often.

Roger just came in for a few minutes to say good morning. He is going to put stain on the house today. The side that he has done looks really good.

Well he didn’t have any news to write about, so I guess I’ll sign off for this time. Everybody have a good week. Remember to thank God every day for what He has done for you!