Dogwood Ramblings

What a pleasant surprise when I answered my doorbell.  Our son Ryan arrived here from Texas and about 25 lbs. less than when he was here last.  Hunting of course can get our sons together, that and the excuse to see mom.  Gatherings of this clan are always happily enjoyed although meals can be at any time of day or night!  And, dieting is now put off for a while.

I had a nice phone visit with Mary Wanda Dugan.  Like the rest of us older folk, she has had a problem or two, but she sounds great.  It is so good she has her son Randy close and that daughter Pam is with her frequently.

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Dale Barnum.  The Boeddeker “boys” enjoyed a few trips in Colorado with Dale – all good hunting companions.  I used to send a large container of chocolate chip cookies with each of my sons, but I don’t bake like that these days.

My eldest grandson turned 40 on Nov. 12th.   Again, where have the years gone?  It seems only yesterday I was assisting in his potty training and he learned a new word. All those diapers (real cloth ones) and all the training sessions seem to be from a dream – and you have read about some of my dreams if you read this column!

Let us hope and pray that all of these political, sports world and “Bollywood” disclosures, if true, means that cleaning out of closets will follow instead of just sweeping things under the rug.

A belated thank you to all of our military and former military.