Dogwood Ramblings

This past week I had another birthday and between family and friends there were some nice surprises.  Cindy Hailey put on a wonderful meal and guests added delightful dishes as well.  Friday night about 17 gathered for this event.  I am blessed!

It seems that Bob and Dana Wagner have sold their place and moved on.  I wish them well.  The Schultz family sent word from Texas that they are doing well.  My phone has been quite busy with well wishers from here and other states.  Randy and Ron have been busy working cattle.  Property Tax bills have arrived…..whew!  That is never pleasant.

Leaves are falling quickly, helped by the wind, and grass is fading to brown.  We finally got some color to enjoy for a few days.  I hear from Marilyn Boeddeker that mid-Minnesota got some snow and it is only October.  It looks like chill and a heavy frost are on the way so hope you bundled up the trick or treat little ones.