Breedon Church

Wilma Hampton prayed the opening prayer.

We sang some songs. Joe Lafferty read the 67th Psalms to open Sunday school.  Our lesson is still in II Kings.  We will start Chronicles next Sunday.  I like going through the Bible like this, you get to review a lot of things you forgot  when you were younger, still a lot of history, Chronicles will be too.

Darryl Hampton took up the morning offering.  Ronnie Thomas prayed the offering prayer.

We had a few more songs and, Susie and David sang a song.  Susie sang a solo.

The morning sermon was in the 14th chapter of Luke, and then Joe Lafferty prayed a prayer after the reading. The subject was excuses people use for not working for the Lord.

The Lord said vengeance is mine, I will repay.

We sang an invitational song with closing prayer by Bill Harper.

Next 5th Sunday singing is at Breeden Church.  We sure did have a spiritual singing, it was good.

I think the next 5th Sunday is in December 2017.  We always receive a blessing.

We still need to pray for the sick and the lost.

God bless.