Bethany Baptist

The Ladies met for a Bible Study, Friday afternoon and finished the study of James. The next study will be a topical study about Biblical men and women who made choices both wise and foolish and about the results of those choices.  Norma Stillings is putting that study together for the ladies.

Kay Johnson brought in more dresses this week. The total of dresses made for the “Dress a Girl Around the World Project” is now over 1010.

Jeff Corder, Jim Corder, Ruby Corder, Darlene Sorensen and Pastor Robert Sorensen received certificates for having completed the Prison Prevention “Character Under Construction” training that was given here this year. The training was done by Brian Heath of the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry.

The church had an evening of food, fellowship, music and testimonies, Sunday evening.  After enjoying a meal that included some fresh homemade pies, the group heard specials by Liz Morgan at the piano, Darlene Sorensen and Norma Stillings with their stringed instruments, Alan Stillings and his Grandma Norma Stillings singing some of the old country gospel songs she loves, and Darlene and Liz with a duet, “Sweet Beulah Land.”     

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought some “Straight answers to some puzzling questions.” The questions came from the Book of Job. When a man dies, where does he go, will he live again, and how can a man be justified with God?

The answers are found in many places in the Bible. It declares that it is given to men once to die, then the judgment. Even when you read the list of men who lived long lives like Methuselah, you see the statement, “and he died.” Luke 16 gives the true account of the rich man and Lazarus. Immediately at death, Lazarus was carried to Abraham’s bosom where he enjoyed comfort. The rich man found himself in hell tormented in the flames.

It is also certain that we will live again. The Bible talks about two resurrections in Revelation. One is for the saved whose resurrected bodies will be with Jesus and the unsaved whose future is in the Lake of Fire.

We cannot be justified by any of our own efforts, but Jesus said, “I am the way….” There is no other way. Jesus said that in John 14:6. Paul said that in Acts 4:12. It is God that justifies us when we have accepted the blood sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross. Our hope is built in nothing less than Jesus, the Son of God, whose blood and faith in that blood, saves us from the wrath of God.