Rock Chapel

Last week we had special singing by: Tammi Housley, Sharon Renfrow, Helen Batten, Carla Bates, Sherry Thompson, Sherry Dugger, Alice Sullivan, and Jamie Guilliams.  It was old fashion day with potluck dinner and horse and buggy rides. Helen presented prizes to the best dressed:  Everlee Jones, Virginia Serghides, Bernice Price, Shelby Moore, Sherry Dugger family, and Reba McCune’s family.

Upcoming events:  Bro. R.E. Helsley will do services today and next Sunday.  Wes Crisp will be holding a benefit corn hole tournament at church October 21 for Craig Hogan/ or YMCA if it rains.  Contact:  Monte Housley.  October 22-5 p.m. wiener roast and hay ride.  October 29- Middle School students will be going to Mtn. Grove Assisted Living to take donated quilts.

Birthdays:  Joe Vivod, John McCune, and Ron Putt.

Katie Vivod had her baby-Alivia Grace.

Many prayer requests for those in the bulletin.

Tammi Housley did today’s special.

Children’s Church:  Helen Batten.

Special song:  R.E. Helsley.  Thank you note from Phyllis Virtue for flowers.

Bro. R.E. Helsley commented on how nice the new addition is.  He said, he thought things like this make the Lord happy.  He preached today from 2nd Thessalonians 1: 1-10.  He preached on Jesus coming again.  Every new testament writer wrote about the coming again of Jesus.  He told many of the signs that we have today with all the violence, trouble in homes, abused children, shootings, jails being full, population explosion, etc.  He said, “I don’t know when he is coming; no man knows.” He explained the manner of how he is coming back.  He told each of us that we are always preparing for things:  winter, sickness, etc.  Only foolish people don’t prepare to meet God.   

Questions:  Helen 417-250-0917 or 683-5657 or Shelby Housley 746-4743 or Shelby Moore 746-4751.