Quad Cities

Hello again: As usual there isn’t much to write about, but I’ll try. I hope we have our appointments over with in Bettendorf, for a long time anyway.

Walt’s been having dizzy spells and can’t drive or any thing. When he saw his army doctor last time he said one of Walt’s ears was blocked 100% and the other one 90%. We were going to go to an ear doctor to get his ears cleaned out and then get his hearing aids for him, but we got so busy with his eyes that we didn’t get to yet. Now he’s been dizzy and can’t drive, but I think I may have that about taken care of. It’s time to start using the ear drops again, so I used those in his ears for a couple of days then flushed his ears out good and he only got dizzy a couple times yesterday when he bent over. He hasn’t had any fever or ear aches so I don’t think there’s any infection.

I had a good visit with Walt’s niece, Renee, by phone yesterday. She lives in Muscatine.

We’ve got some of those itty bitty fruit flies again and I’m allergic to them. When they fly close to me or get on me I itch so bad that I can’t hardly stand it. I take allergy medicine, but it takes it a while to work. Seems like I’m allergic to so many things, including foods.

Well, as usual, I’m about to miss the mailman so I better say, “I trust you Jesus” and I believe in angels, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.