Mt. Zion News

Welcome home! Pastor Bob and Cinda Thompson returned after nearly three weeks in Indiana, Illinois and the Cayman Islands. Alex Fourman is back from almost two weeks in Florida, helping MODOT with recovery from Hurricane Irma. Adam Freeman was in Texas six days last week, involved in recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Happy 4th Anniversary to Dana and Alex Fourman. Happy Birthday to Phyllis Arnold.

The special song in the Sunday morning worship service was a vocal duet by Pastor Bob and Sister Cinda. He preached on “The Triple Blessing” from I Timothy 1:1-2. “Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God our Savior, and Lord Jesus Christ, which is our hope; unto Timothy, my own son in the faith: Grace, mercy and peace, from this triple blessing from Paul. (1) Favor- Grace: favor of God and favor of His gifts of truth, tenderness, and tenet. (2) Forbearance – Mercy: forgiveness for speaking, for subduing, for spiting. (3) Friendship – Peace: reconciled, redeemed, restored. God’s grace is immeasurable; God’s mercy is inexhaustible; God’s peace in inexpressible.

Jesse Paxton led the singing in the Sunday evening service. Cheryl Paxton led in prayer. Sheena Mahan sang a solo. Reports from the six sessions of the three day Ministers’ Conference last week in Carlinville, Illinois, were given by Pastor Bob, Cinda, Mary and Bob Thompson, Sr. Dr. Bob Bolis spoke on “Hope for the Hopeless.” There are no hopeless situations, just people who have lost hope. In the court of divine justice, each one must answer these questions: Am I a Christian? Am I walking in the light? Have I confessed my sins? Am I keeping God’s commands? Do I love people who hurt me? Jesus Christ is our hope.

Judy Murray led in prayer in the Wednesday evening service. Pastor Bob gave the lesson “Theology: the Attributes of God.” “Absolute attributes” are those qualities which belong to God apart from His creative work. They are not limited by time or space: spirituality, infinity, eternity, immensity, immutability and perfection. “Relative attributes”  are those qualities that arise out of relation of Creator to creation. (a creature is necessary for their manifestation.” “Moral attributes” are the qualities relating to moral beings under His government.

Yvonne Fleetwood was a visitor. The closing prayer was by Mike Brooks.

New flooring was installed in the lunchroom at the Preschool Building before school started. Mike Brooks and Alex Fourman took care of that project. Speakers in Chapel this week included Pastor Bob (“Excuses”) and Darrell Swearengin (“Jesus may return in the 3rd watch.”) Mt. Zion Bible School students (Grades 1-12) met at the flag pole at 10 a.m. Wed., Sept. 27. Barbara Uhles led the pledge. Norman Murray led the “National Anthem.” There were prayers by three students and a teacher: Elizabeth Fleming, Keeton Freeman, Jonathan Lizotte and Stephanie Thompson.