Little Creek

I had a happy day Sunday. My niece, Jamie, and her husband, Danny, picked me up for church. Happy to have Andy and children visiting from the Rolla area. They came with her parents, Gary and Beverly Schillinger.

So glad Dyanna can make it to church most Sundays. We all love her so much.

I then went home from church to my sister, Jean, and brother, Jim’s house for a dinner unequalled. Jamie and Jean did most of the preparation with Autum and myself helping some , Autum more than me. Jean, Jamie and Autum brought me home.

Saturday evening at my house you would have found Karen, Nicole, and I busily sewing. Karen and Nikki on a costume and me embroidering. I was so happy to have them spend an evening with me.

Everyone is thankful for the half inch rainfall Sunday night. And we are thankful for all His many blessings. May we never forget to give thanks.

Tony Ingerson drove drown for dinner with Ma Jean, Jim and the rest of us Sunday. Tony is on fire for God. Keep him and his family in your prayers as Tony and Becky start this re-dedication of their lives to God.

My sister, Jo, was expecting Chris for the weekend.

I visited by phone (unusual, eh?) with Christine and Nina, my step-daughters this week. Nina and Annie are doing good and love living in West Plains. Annie goes to school five days a week giving Nina some much needed time for herself.

And Christine was asking for help on how to make quilts, a project she is starting to make quilts for homeless people in Springfield, a commendable purpose and good luck with a time consuming ambition.

Norval and Robyn spent Sunday evening with Colton and Kendra Neal and Christopher and had supper with them and Brandon and Wendy Tetrick and Brady, Whitley and Britian.

And I have been loving this fall weather. Hoping for the promised rainfall to come Saturday night. For all your blessings, Lord, we are grateful.