Little Creek

I must start getting news, tid- bits early so that I will make the deadline. It comes so quickly from one week to the next.

The chili cook-off was a huge success with a hillside filled with neighbors and friends. The only thing lacking was a good session of country also to appease those of one mind – “that only country” is worth listening to. Now myself, I enjoy both. I really appreciate our Wasola rock-n-rollers called The Hollow Threat. They are very good musicians and singers and they played their hearts out for those of us who stayed to listen and show appreciation for their effort on our behalf. We missed Tony of course and the Marshfield band had a death in the family, I understand, and canceled.

Everyone enjoyed the 15 crock pots filled with white chili, taco soup and every kind of chili. Jamie and Nicole won first place and Norma won first in the dessert category. I didn’t get any of hers, but Jessi’s came in with a close second if I would have judged. It was pecan cobbler. The judges enjoyed judging and everyone certainly enjoyed eating and visiting.

The kids had several hours of playing together and they never seemed to get tired.

This was the fourth cook-off to honor Kasey, who had been planning this event for several months before his death. Wish you could have been there, my sweet baby boy, but you were present in our hearts. We missed you and Tim, and Brandon. You all brightened the world for a little while and so we try to celebrate your lives with our efforts and with love. So I think we plan to do this again next year, the Lord permitting. And I think in neighbors getting together, we honor our ancestors who gathered for music parties, chivarri’s, pie suppers and church dinners “on the ground.” It makes us think of our roots and those who blazed the paths before us.

Anyway I appreciate everyone for each and every effort and for coming to Kasey’s Memorial chili cook-off. So I hope to see you all again next year and Peggy I will remember you next time. I enjoyed visiting with you and I appreciate the compliment on my Little Creek News.

I suppose as long as there is a crowd to come, there will be a chili cook-off.

I guess since Robyn doesn’t read the paper, I can write about her again. And so I will just write of things I know as they come to mind.

I just finished cleaning my big old table off and so I will tell of some more thoughts of my table.

My sweetheart daughter, Kim, gave me this table which would have been a God send when I was feeding a large family and many friends and work hands back in the day. And so now I have only one eating on it and I put it to good use anyway.

The kitchen table holds many memories of good times when all the family was together and of birthdays, Thanksgivings, and Christmas together happily and carefree as though it would be this way always.

But the new reality makes it necessary to use the kitchen table for my own desires. Now what good is a table without character? My scissors are within reach for when I have that minute to cut out the quilt block pieces which I found under the table in my basket of patterns and material. My writing material is instantly accessible for the bit of news I don’t want to forget or ideas I don’t want to forget or when I get up in the middle of the night my Bible is right there on the table by my reading lamp. Now I wonder if we ever thought there would be no use for a chair without a well stocked table.

I met this lady not long ago who watched me embroider and who observed that she bet my house must be immaculate since I had such patience and that I must have a highly  organized mind. I kind of wondered at her logic and I asked her why she thought so. She thought with my patience and precise stitching that my house may reflect this. She figured I dusted daily and always washed both sides of the windows.

It became clear to me that  I was the only quilting club member she had ever met.

It’s true I like the concept, but to tell the truth, I don’t want to waste my precious gray matter on such mundane details, as I explained last week.

So to conclude, dear Robyn, as long as you do the necessary chores and do not invade my private places, you will be my caregiver and I appreciate you so much for all you do and all that I don’t want you to do.

Well, I never thought I could fill several pages with thoughts of an old kitchen table. Even though it’s not the same table of olden days it represents all the people who once graced my tables of old.