Little Creek

Hello once again from Little Creek. All is well here and I don’t know a lot of news.

I have had no visitors except Charlie, who came yesterday bringing cucumbers from his vines. He is watering them and they are very good. He said Ron Smith had visited with him recently and also his youngest, Tracy came Saturday.

Ron Smith picked me up for church and I visited with Ron and Bev when they brought me home.

Jamie and Danny Dry and Jamie’s Mom, Jean, went to be with Becky Ingerson, who has been in this Christian Women’s Retreat which she attended with 600 women. From all accounts, it was a wonderful spirit filled encounter. Congratulations to Becky and Tony for their walk with Christ and for putting Him first.

Colton and Kendra Neal and Christopher had supper with Norval and Robyn Tetrick Monday night and stayed to watch “The Voice.” Taco salad sounds good!

We are needing rain badly.

We all sympathize with Bevy Moore at the death of her father. He’s home at last awaiting the reunion in the sweet bye and bye and so his loved ones are celebrating his life.

Everyone is welcome to the annual Kasey Taber Memorial chili cook-off this Saturday evening and night at Greg and Karen Evans’ place on old 5 at Wasola. The judging will be at 3 p.m. and there is traditional, non traditional and dessert categories with the coveted trophies. Please bring chairs and drinks for your family. Hollow Threat will be performing. Tony has a previous appointment with Becky which they are going elsewhere. See you there for an evening of enjoyment with neighbors and friends and in remembrance of my precious son, Kasey, and many thanks to Karen and Greg for continuing an event Kasey had been so enthusiastically planning.

That’s all I will write this week because I must get this in the mail. You all probably get tired of my ramblings anyway.

So be happy and make others happy.